hyaluronic PHA 70ml


An active serum to renew the skin by producing a controlled and soft exfoliation with 2% of XS hyaluronic acid and 5% of PHA’s.

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PHA's provide many skin care benefits, they are very gentle, and do not cause irritation, or have a negative effect on the deeper layers of the skin. The effect of PHA's is very similar to that of AHA's (alpha hydroxy acids or fruit acids like glycolic or lactic acid), however PHA's (polyhydroxy acids) provide the skin with far more benefits and are much kinder.

This serum is mostly suited to anyone who is looking for a controlled daily resurfacing effect that will not irritate the skin. Highly suitable for rough, aged, sun damaged / pigmented skin (including age spots), or smokers skin, and anyone suffering from scars.  Not suitable for ultra sensitive skin types

This serum contains a base solution with XS hyaluronic acid, a low molecular weight hyaluronic acid that travels deep into the epidermis, and a blend of naturally occurring fruit acids (lactic, citric, tartaric, gluconic) that effectively combat the signs of ageing.

Hyaluronic PHA serum feels rich and nutritive despite it being oil-free and has a velvet and non sticky after-feel.

  • This serum can be mixed in any proportion with other mixlab serums to create a personalised formulation with additional benefits.
  •  It can be added as part, or in full (2 doses) to the hyaluronic mix-mask to create a personalised mask.


  • Daily exfoliation & cell turn over
  • Increases skin moisture
  • Protects against sun damage
  • Evens skin tone
  • Reduces pigmentation & melasma
  • Anti-oxidant protection
  • Reduces oil
  • Smoother, softer skin

Key Ingredients

  • XS hyaluronic acid 2%
  • Polyhydroxyacids 5%

How to use

  • Apply twice per day to clean skin
  • Leave for 10 minutes before applying a moisturiser over the top.


If using this serum for personalisation it can be mixed with any of the other mixlab serums and stored in the empty mixlab serum bottle.


If you wish to add it to the mixlab hyaluronic acid mix-mask you should firstly blend 100ml of bottled water with the powder from one mix-mask sachet. Once mixed in the mask blender add two doses of any combination of mixlab serum and stir well with the large black spatula. Once you have completed these steps you can tip the mask mixture into the mask mould and allow to set (it will cool and set faster in the fridge). Once the mask is cool you can then apply to the skin.


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